ALD Materials

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ALD Materials

Chemists have synthesized many exciting new precursors for ALD and have created a large number of atomic layer deposition materials, such as coatings with improved properties for metals, semiconductors, insulators, oxides, nitrides, dielectrics, magnetic, and refractive coatings.

ALD materials and precursors are available through our partners, Strem Chemicals and Sigma-Aldrich. For materials not listed please use our search page or contact us at

Our team of technical experts will be happy to work with you to find materials that work for your application.

AI2O3 Fe2O3 Li3PO4 NiFe2O4 V2O5 AlGaN MnN CdS Co
Al:HfO2 Fe3O4 LiPON NiO WO3 AlN  NbN CoS Cu
Al:ZnO FePO4 LiFePO4 NiO Y2O3 BxGa1-xN NbTiN Cu2S Fe
AlGaN Ga2O3 Li2MnO4 PO4 YSZ BxIn1-xN SiN Cu2ZnSnS4 Mn
BOx HfO2 Li5TaOz SiO2 ZnAl2O4 CoN TaN In2S3 Ni
BiFeO3 HfSiON MgO SnO2 ZnO Hf3N4 TiN MnS Pd
CeO2 In2O3 MnO2 SrO ZnMgO InAlN WN PbS Pt
Co3O4 ITO MoO3 SrTiO3  ZnOS InGaN ZrN Sb2S3 Ru
CoFe2O4 La2O3 NaTiO Ta2O5 ZrO2 InN   SnS Bi2Te3
Er2O3 Li2O Nb2O5 TiO2       ZnS Sb2Te3